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M-F: 7.30-20.00,
Sa: 9.00-20.00,
Su: 10.00-20.00


Order meals or beverages to your home or workplace between 10.00-20.00. Call +372 32 25333 to order.


Fresh goods, delicous food!

Food with great quality and the solid work of our staff will guarantee you great taste experience!


Monday 10.06

Peasoup €2.00

Fish with fried onions and potatoes in cream sauce €4.00

Chicken fillet with rice €4.00

Tuesday 11.06

Chicken-noodle soup €2.00

Pepper filled with rice and minced meat  €4.00

Barley porridge with mushroom sauce €4.00

Wednesday 12.06

Beetroot soup with minced meat and red beans €2.00

Beef fillet in sauce €4.00

Fresh salat with tuna €4.00

Thursday 13.06

Solyanka soup €2.00

Cutlets €4.00
Casserole €4.00

Friday 14.06


Carrot-pumpkin puree soup püreesupp €2.00

Lasagne with cucumber-tomato salad and cold sauce €4.00

Pork stew with apricots and tomato €4.00




Rice / Oatmeal / Four-grain :



With jam:


With salami, tomato and cheese:


With minced meat, rice and eggs:


With chicken and vegetables:



With smoked chicken and pepper:


With bacon, onion and pepper:


With vegetables:


English breakfast:


Fried eggs, bacon, sausages, beans in tomato sauce, fried mushrooms

Fried eggs (2pcs) and fresh salad:


Fried eggs (2pcs), bacon and fesh salad:



Cheese balls
(P) €6.00
Fried bread with garlic
(P) €4.00
Chicken fillet snack
(P) €6.00
French fries with garlic sauce
(G,P) €4.00
Grilled shrimps
(G,P) €9.70
Sweet potato fries with garlic sauce
(G,P)  €6.00


Caesar with chicken
(P) €9.50
Caesar with king shrimps
(P) €10.50
Caesar with salmon
(P) €10.00
Goat cheese salad
(G,E) €9.50
Warm kinoa-vegetable salad with chicken
(L,E,P) €9.50
Warm kinoa-vegetable salad with salmon
(L,E,P) €10.00
Warm kinoa-vegetable salad with king prawns
(L,E,P,) €10.50
Warm kinoa-vegetable salad
(L,E,P,V) €7.50
Spicy tomato soup with chicken
(G,L,P) €6.00
Cauliflower puree soup with hot-smoked salmon
(G,P) €6.00
Creamy fish soup with shrimps
(G,P) €6.00


At low temperature cooked pork tenderloin with potatoe-chives puree, red wine sauce and cabbage
(G,E,P) €12.90
Chicken breast fillet with potatoe-broccoli puree and cheese sauce
(G,E,P) €12.90
Grilled salmon with cauliflower puree and mussels sauce
(G,E,P) €14.90
Pork rib with french fries and garlic sauce
(G,E,P) €12.90
Duck breast fillet with kinoa-bulgur and red wine sauce
(G,E,P) €15.90
Goat cheese burger with sweet potato fries
(E,P) €9.50
Gourmet burger (beef burger, cheddar, tomato, marinated onion, frillice, french fries)
House burger (beef burger,cheddar, tomato, red onion, fresh cucumber, french fries)
(P) €9.50
Chicken burger (Chicken fillet ,cheddar, tomato, fresh cucumber, fresh salad, french fries)
(P) €9.50
French fries with sausages
(P) €4.90


Penne with salmon
(E,P) €6.50
Oven pasta with chicken and sundried tomatoes
(E) €6.50
Pasta carbonara
(P) €6.20
Creamy risoto with asparagus and king prwansKreemine spargli-hiidkreveti risotto
(E,P) €7.90
Penne with olives and cherry tomatoes
(P,L,V,E) €5.50

Crispy chicken pizza with parmesan (Mozzarella, parmesan, crispy chicken, basil, cherry tomato, marinated red onion)                                                             Small/Medium/Large                                      €5.50 / €9.50 / €15.50

Margherita (Mozarella, Estonian cheese)
Small / Medium /Large
€4.50 / €7.50 / €11.50

Minced meat pizza (Minced meat, tomato, pineapple, pearl onion, cheese)
Small / Medium /Large
€4.90 / €8.50 / €13.50

Smoked chicken pizza (Bacon, smoked chicken, pineapple, pepper, cheese)
Small / Medium /Large
€4.90 / €8.50 / €13.50

Pepperoni (Pepperoni, mozarella)
Small / Medium /Large
€4.90 / €8.50 / €13.50

“Meaty” (Smoked chicken, salami, minced meat, pickles, cheese, red onion)
Small / Medium /Large
€5.50 / €9.50 / €15.50

Caesars pizza (Caesar sauce, chicken fillet, cheese, salad, parmesan)
Small / Medium /Large
€5.50 / €9.50 / €15.50

Chilli con carne pizza (Beef minced meat, red beans, chilli, cheese, jalapeno)
Small / Medium /Large
€4.90 / €8.50 / €13.00

Frutti di mare pizza (Salmon, cod, shrimps, tomato, caper, cheese)
Small / Medium /Large
€5.50 / €9.50 / €15.50

Rohuaia pizza (Chilli con carne, salami, pineapple, cheese)
Small / Medium /Large
€4.90 / €8.50 / €13.50

Ham pizza (Ham, cheese, pepper, pickles)
Small / Medium /Large
€4.90 / €8.50 / €13.50

French fires- sausage pizza (French fries, sausage, tomato, cheese)
Small / Medium /Large
€4.90 / €8.50 / €13.50

Mushroom-cheese pizza (Champignon, feta, blue cheese, estonian cheese, mozzarella)
Small / Medium /Large
€4.90 / €8.20 / €13.50

Goat cheese chorizo pizza (Goat cheese, chorizo, mozzarella)
Small / Medium /Large
€4.90 / €8.50 / €13.50

Feta pizza ((Feta, olives, red onion, garlic, mozzarella)
Small / Medium /Large
€4.90 / €8.50 / €13.50

Nutella pizza (Fresh strawberries, kiwi, banana, physalis, nutella)
Small / Medium /Large
€5.50 / €9.50 / €15.50

Mashed potatoes with crispy chicken            €5.00

French fries with sausages

Macaroni with cheese and smoked chicken

Macaroni with cheese and sausages



Chocolate fondant with berry jam and vanilla ice cream

Creme brulee
(G,P) €5.60

Nutella pizza
€5.50 / €9.50 / €15.50

Vanilla ice cream with berry jam and crispy chocolate
(G) €4.60

Pancakes with jam
(P) €4.50

Pancakes with jam and ice cream
(P) €5.50

Ice cream cocktail

Avilable lactose free ice cream




Birthday cakes, cakes and twists


Birthday cakes


Strawberry yogurt, whipped cream, biscuit, strawberries jelly.

12.00 €/kg

Brita cake

Besee, whipped cream, raspberries.

13.50 €/kg

Curd cake

Biscuit, curd, whipper cream, strawberries.

10.00 €/kg

Peanut cake

Biscuit, butter cream, peanuts.

9.80 €/kg

Truffle cake

Biscuit, butter cream, chocolate.

8.00 €/kg

Marzipan cake

Biscuit, marzipan, whipped cream, berries, white chocolate.

12.00 €/kg

Zephyr cake

Biscuit, zephyre, bananas.

12.00 €/kg

Cream cheese cake

Digestive cookies, cream cheese, sour cream, berries.

15.00 €/kg


Digestive cookies, whipped cream, eggs, mascarpone, lime.

15.00 €/kg


Cookies, mascarpone, coffe, cacao, cream.

15.00 €/kg


Cheese cake


13.00 €/kg

Strawberry-yoghurt cake

Straweberry yoghurt, whipped cream, biscuit, strawberries in jelly.

6.90 €/kg

“Friendship” cake

Curd, berry jam.

8.90 €/kg

Raspberry-whipped cream cake

Biscuit, whipped cream, raspberries.

8.00 €/kg

Curd-whipped cream cake

Curd, whipped cream, biscuit, strawberries.

6.90 €/kg

Napoleon cake

Dough, vanilla cream

6.90 €/kg

Peanut cake

Biscuit, butter cream, peanuts, chocolate.

7.50 €/kg

Caramel-chocolate cake

Biscuit, caramel, chocolate, peaches.

7.90 €/kg

Brita cake

Besee, whipped cream, berries.

9.70 €/kg

Fruit cake

Biscuit, dough, different fruits in jelly.

6.80 €/kg


Raisin-chocolate twist

Raisins, cinnamon, peanuts, chocolate, dough.

6.50 €/kg

Curd-chocolate twist

Curd, chocolate pieces, dough.

7.50 €/kg

Aplle twist

Apple, vanilla cream, dough.

7.20 €/kg

Marzipan-cowberry twist

Cowberries, marzipan.

7.80 €/kg

Cheese-ham twist

Cheese, ham, dough.


0 €/kg


Our rooms are available to rent for private events.
We also offer catering service for birthdays, weddings
and other events.

Conference room is also available for rent.


Conference room

Conference room fits 12 people. Room rent with projector is 10€/ per hour.

Perfect for your business meeting!

Rent our rooms

Rohuaia Cafe is an ideal palce for your birthday party!
Our cafe fits 50 people.

Feel free to browse the pricelist and ask for an offer!

Weddings and other events

Feel free to contact us if you want our delicious foods to reach your party outside the Rohuaia Café!

We offer Catering service for larger and smaller events.


What our clients are saying

“Extremely cozy”

Excellent atmosphere and service. I highly recommend!


“Great food and location”

“You can find something for everyone.”


“I really like the dayoffers”

Reasonably priced and tasty lunch offers.


“Best pies and cakes in town”

“The cakes and pies at Rohuaia are my favourite!”



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